If you have been to Choices Pregnancy Center on 1350 Spur Drive, Marshfield, you have probably noticed that we are out of space. We love our location: it’s just off Exit 100 on Interstate 44, in a shopping center behind Taco Bell and Dairy Queen. Easy to find, easy to give people directions! Clients who are concerned about the confidentiality of their visit can park anywhere in the large parking lot without worry. But with just 1,000 square feet of space in our storefront, we quickly realized that there was no room to grow.

We have a very generous community, and an even more magnificent God who has all resources in abundance! A local church offered us 3 acres of their property just south of town. We have gratefully accepted, and are in the process of designing a building that will meet the needs of this growing ministry.

Our community is eager to help us build, with funding, manual labor, and gifts-in-kind. This is a project that will require us all to work together, from the first shovel in the ground to the last picture hung on the wall.

Our new building will have:

  1. Three acres of property
  2. Three client counseling rooms, plus intake room
  3. Ultrasound room with changing room
  4. Reception area
  5. Executive office and two administrative offices
  6. Records room
  7. Conference room
  8. Volunteer break area
  9. Kitchen area
  10. Plenty of bathrooms (you know, pregnant women?)
  11. Laundry room
  12. Training room, for conducting classes for clients and volunteers
  13. Baby Market area
  14. Storage room

Besides building the facility, all the rooms will need to be furnished and equipped, the parking lot built, and landscaping done.

We have been putting a percentage of our fundraising efforts into our Building Fund, and we believe we can make a start, but we will need your help to bring it to completion. This is a project in which everyone can be involved. If you would like to donate funds for this building project, you can do so here. If you have a trade skill or can donate a gift in kind--or if you just have willing hands and feet!--please contact us: 417-468-5555 or

All contributions (even gifts in kind) are tax-deductible, and Missouri taxpayers qualify for tax credits of 70% of your donations over $100 and up to $100,000.

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  • Total Raised $(not set)
  • Our Goal For A New Home for CPC $500,000

Your Contribution Can Change Hearts and Save Lives.